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What are ceramic products? Classification of ceramic products

Time:2023-11-22 18:00:10      Click:1687

There are various types of ceramic products, and the constituent substances are often intertwined without specific and obvious boundaries. However, in practical applications, there are significant differences. Let's take a look at the types of ceramic products.

1. Art ceramics: such as furnishings, vases, sculptures, etc.

2. Daily ceramics: such as vats, jars, tea sets, pots, plates, bowls, cutlery, jars, plates, etc.

3. Craft ceramics: such as flower pots, vases, lamp holders, etc.

4. Industrial ceramics: refer to ceramic products used in various industries, which can be divided into the following six categories:

5. Refractory Materials: Used as refractory materials for various high-temperature industrial kilns.

6. Chemical ceramics: Used as acid resistant bricks, ash, etc. for various chemical industry acid resistant containers, pipelines, towers, valves, pumps, and lined reaction pots.

7. Architectural ceramics: such as bricks and tiles, face tiles, exterior wall tiles, etc.

8. Electric porcelain: used as insulators for high and low voltage transmission lines in the power industry, telecommunications, and radio.

9. Chemical ceramics: Used as ceramic crucibles, combustion boats, evaporation vessels, research bodies, etc. in chemical laboratories;

10. Special ceramics: Special ceramic products that are superior to cutting-edge science and technology and various modern industries, including magnesite ceramics, high alumina ceramics, titanium magnesite ceramics, zircon, lithium ceramics, stone ceramics, as well as magnetic ceramics, metal ceramics, etc.



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